Visa and Alien’s Residence Permit
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1. International students should come to North Sichuan Medical College with X visas and apply for their “Alien’s Residence Permits” within 30 days of entry in China at “Alien’s Exit and Entry Administration Office” of the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau. Normal Physical Examination report from the Nanchong Central Hospital is needed to apply for the Residence Permit.

2. Visa extension or Residence Permit extension application should reach the Public Security Bureau at least 7 days before expiry of the Visa/Residence Permit. The application should include original passport, Residence Permit, Xerox copy of passport and residence permit/visa, 1 passport size photo and a certificate from ISAO.

3. Expiry date on the passport and Residence Permit/visa should be checked frequently. Overstay becomes illegal and is fined according to the Chinese law.

4. Passport expiry/loss should be reported to the respective embassies of student’s native country in Beijing, China. ISAO shall assist the students to renew/issue their passports.

5. Those who transfer to other college, drop out or are expelled from NSMU should have their Residence Permit in Nanchong terminated.

6. The official documents and IDs should be carefully preserved and is strictly prohibited to forge, alter, misuse, transfer, purchase, procure or sell. Anyone found doing this malpractice will face legal actions according to Chinese laws.