Behavior Guidelines for International Students
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1. The students should obey and follow the laws, policies, rules and regulations of the Chinese government and accept the arrangements of North Sichuan Medical University.

2. Respect and obey the guideline of the faculty and staff members of the college.

3. Respect the custom, culture, religious belief, traditions and habits of the Chinese people.

4. Respect the custom, culture, religious belief, traditions and habits of students from different countries.

5. Respect your fellow students, cherish friendship and be ready to offer your helping hand.

6. Participate in regular exercises and maintain personal and public hygiene.

7. Develop habits in becoming diligent and studious towards studies and gain academic excellence.

8. Observe study disciplines and never enter/leave the classroom without permission. Smoking or eating during class is prohibited.

9. Engagement in illegal religious activities and missionary work is forbidden in China.

10. Part time job without permission is not allowed for International Students.

11. Imploring sex workers, illicitly cohabiting or using illegal drugs is subject to face legal actions and will be expelled from the college and the country.

12. To maintain a regular order of teaching, the students are not allowed to leave during the academic session.

13. All Chinese National Holidays and the school’s summer and winter vacations are applicable to international students as well except for some special arrangements. The International Students can apply one week ahead for one or two days off for their own important national holidays, which must be approved by the ISAO.

14. Requests for sick leave or personal leave should be approved by the ISAO and forwarded to the teachers in advance. Any leave without prior request constitutes truancy. Students asking for sick leave should submit medical proof. The leave is only validated when approval is obtained.

15. Do not make noise in your classroom, bedroom, the Students Center, dining-hall and public areas. Maintain peace and friendly behavior towards each other and become an ideal student representing your country in China.